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"Jerusalem Lullaby" Music Video Premiere

Zoom & FB Live

“When I expel the other nations before you and I widen your border, no one will be envious of your land when you go to be seen in God's presence three times each year.” - Exodus, 34:24

“‘The mountains may move and the hills may be shaken, but my love shall never move from you, nor my covenant of peace be shaken’ said God, who has compassion on you.” - Isaiah, 54:10 (Lyrics)


Exile And Redemption: A Neo-Hasidic Rock Opera

12 Music Videos :: One Epic Story

A mystical tale of Divine providence, shattered dreams, and resilient transformation, drawing from Hasidic legend and refracted through the lens of one family's existential struggle and triumph of spirit. A symphonic journey exploring the mystery of Judaism and the meaning of life.

Composed, Written, & Directed by Aryeh Shalom

A Visual Album Produced By Old City Theatre

Music Production :: Barrie Maguire

Cinematography :: Shaia Erlbaum

Assistant Director :: Moshe Stern

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