Chevra :: חֶבְרָה in Hebrew means "A Community Of Friends"

The Chevra is a 20’s & 30’s Community Of Friends with a love for Jewish social arts, educational, spiritual, & volunteer experiences.

Our social club features a theatre, art gallery, cinema, lounge, bar & loft.

Community Organizers:

Jon Erlbaum :: Co-Founder, Executive / Educational Director 

Aryeh Shalom :: Co-Founder, Creative / Social Arts Director 

Leon Vinokur :: CFO / Vice President  

Jessica Erlbaum :: Associate Director

Asya Zlatina :: Program Coordinator

Denise & Michael Stern :: Chevra West

R Nash Benedict :: Chevra West

R Gevurah Davis :: Chevra West

Rachel & Moshe Stern :: Chevra West

*Professionals, Grad Students, Singles & Couples 

The Chevra :: PO Box 37264, Philadelphia, PA 19148 ::
*Venue temporarily closed for fire repair